Sunday, November 7, 2021

CCNA Studies - Learning Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol w Jeremy's IT Lab

My exam is in twelve days and wanted to give you a quick up on my studies.  From my last post I have continued well with my studies but still have much to do.  What my focus has been is reviewing some topics that I am not that good in and use Anki flashcards through the next few days and then go through Boson ExSim exams B and C.  I redid the Boson exam A and did much better but still have some weaknesses.  Mainly that I do not carefully read the questions and would recommend that when you are taking any exam you carefully read the question and answers. Plus I am quick to make a selection without really taking an extra few seconds to make a sound decision.  

With this I wanted to shared a good video on learning about Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol.  If you have not checked out Jeremy's IT Lab on YouTube do so below.  He has tons of free videos on YouTube on all of the CCNA topics.  If you are looking for an alternative trainer online this one is highly recommended. 

Well, I would like to continue on what I have learned but I got to get back to studying and back to the flashcards. 

Next time I post on here will be on the exam results.  My exam is on November 19th.  

Till next time...later!