Friday, February 12, 2021

Docking Station Walk Through | How to Connect Cables & Adapters to a Monitor

In my recent video I provide a simple walk through on a Lenovo docking station.  My goal was to go through each port on the back of a docking station to give people an understand on how to setup their workstation.  

Throughout I present all cables and connections.  I also provide a simple review of three StarTech adapters that are popular for people that need two or more monitors setup.  Truth is there is probably an adapter for almost any setup. 

I created this video because I have experienced conversations where some dont show enough confidence that their monitors are connected correct or not working. This video will hopefully provide that confidence needed to know that your setup at home or at the office is right.  

Check out the video.  Leave a comment for any questions and don't forget to subscribe. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Riwbox XBT 80 Headphones | Full Review & Impressions

The Riwbox XBT 80 wireless and wired headphones are reasonably priced headphones that provide a well balanced sound.  

The headphones have good bass and mids but could improve on the highs although not horrible compared to other brands within the price range.  

They provide different color options although I wish they just had an all black option.  Bluetooth connectivity is reliable and also include a really nice braded 3.5 mm cable with microphone built in. 

The plastic material is a soft matte finish but the head band is plastic all around which is a concern for me long term.  Since its all plastic they are nice and light weight compared to others I have tried.  They fold but do not twist and the headphones do not come with a traveling case.

In all these headphones are reasonable for the price and would recommend them if you do not mind that the head band is all plastic.  

Check out my recent video I uploaded to YouTube for the full review.