Tuesday, June 11, 2019

New 2019 MacBook Pro a Buy or Not?

Should you get the new 2019 MacBook Pro? If you are looking for honesty and transparency I will be the one to tell you to save your money and use it elsewhere.   I wont waste your time and tease you to read this whole post so I wont entirely say no either.  However I will say to highly consider your options. Further more I thought to provide you with some alternative computing options.Throughout this post I will be focusing on the 13 inch MacBook Pro, not the 15 inch laptop.  If you want more detailed specifications on other 2019 MacBook Pro 13 inch and 15 inch models please visit Apple.com or visit a nearby Apple store.
If you are thinking of getting the new MacBook Pro or just in the market for a new computer this may be the right article for you.  Before I go on to providing my input I would like for you to ask yourself a few questions that I think might help to determine if this is the right laptop for your needs.

  • Are you a student, office manager, photographer, musician and/or video creative?
  • How old is your current computer?
  • What kind of software will you be using and is it only available on one operating system?
  • Will you be using Microsoft O365 applications and browsing only or using some high processing applications like Photoshop? 
  • Are you new to Apple Macintosh computers? 
  • Do you need this or want this new computer?

I would never forget buying my first Macintosh computer in 2007.  I took a long time to decide what to get and how much to spend.  I never regret getting the iMac for my needs but wish I did a bit more research before spending the amount of money I did then.  I will recommend the same for you before you swipe your credit card or cash on getting a new Macintosh computer.

I will say yes on buying the new MacBook Pro only if you are a creative individual and use high end professional software like Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro or work on high resolution photos or 3D images.  Even then I still would suggest you first look into a refurbished laptop to save you some money.  Apple has some very good refurbished models that may provide you with what you need.  Check out their website at Apple.com for pricing.  So let us do some pricing comparisons to see if this would be worth to purchase.

The entry level new 2019 MacBook Pro starts at around $1,800 with out the extended Apple Care warranty and includes the following.

  • i5 quad core processor
  • 256GB storage solid state drive
  • 8GB of RAM.  

Personally and professionally I would always advise users to double the amount of memory to 16GB because that cannot be change in the future.  At least with storage you can always purchase an external drive for archiving and backing up data.   If we were to compare that to the dual core processor 13 inch MacBook Pro its a $300 reduced price.  For some people this may be an easy decision to pay up and get the newer processor and touch bar feature but again I would save your money or apply it elsewhere like a nice usb c monitor for under $400.

Lets say we went with the dual core 13 inch MacBook Pro and doubled the memory and storage the total estimated price would be around $1,900.  That is only $100 difference to have double the storage and more memory. What I would ask yourself is if this is really worth the price and upgrade.
Personally I would not pay $2,000, including AppleCare, but I would consider something alternative.  If you are thinking to go back to a Windows computer I would highly recommend the Lenovo T480s or the ThinkPad X280.  The biggest reason is because I went from a Mac to a PC and currently use the X280 as my daily driver and I love it. It is ultra portable, has great performance, a touch screen display and a MicroSD Card slot to expand storage.  Plus if I ever wanted to expand the solid state drive its pretty easy to do and not as expensive as an Apple laptop. But we all knew that right?

What about an iMac?  Have you considered that option if you want to stay with Apple? I mean think about it.  You can get way better specs with a nice display and still have room to buy an iPad if you don't have one already.

Right now price wins it for me but if you are set in your ways and you have lots of purchased software for your mac I would then advise to go with a nice refurbished model instead of new.

Overall test it out at the store, talk to a specialist there and see the difference and continue to ask yourself the questions.  Will this new laptop provide me with the tools needed to be more productive?  Will it give you the cutting edge technology that you need?  If not then save your money and go with either the 2017 MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac or maybe the iPad.  If you are not sure if you should go with a MacBook or a PC I would highly consider the Lenovo ThinkPad models and see what fits best your needs.