Sunday, January 10, 2021

Mpow H7 Headphones Review | Best Budget Headphones under $20

The Mpow H7 wireless and wired headphones are truly the budget headphones and for the price the headphones provide a good amount of punch via Bluetooth and cable.

If you like bass get these headphones.  If there is something that they could improve on are the highs but overall the sound is reasonable.  

I was not impressed with the sound coming from watching a movie via Bluetooth.  I guess I was expecting a bit more punch as I had experienced with the music playback. I was watching an action movie and throughout I could not hear any good balance of sound   

The design is simple and the price is really attractive.  Connectivity is reliable but I did not do much testing with the microphone via bluetooth.  Honestly I do not rely much from my over ear headphones for Zoom, MS Teams or phone calls.  I have another set of in ear headphones that provide 4 microphones for better input quality. 

Mpow does include a nice carrying case but these headphones do not fold.  Not a huge issue but if your looking for more portability these may not be for you.  

They include a nice 2 year warranty but check their website for more information to confirm.  

Check out my recent video reviewing the Mpow H7 headphones on my YouTube channel.